NC teach-in lathes for an efficient, precise, and reliable turning

The pinnacle in teach-in lathes evolution
The URSUS TC line provides a solution combining the traditional lathe’s ease-of-use to the NC’s versatility and precision


Teach-in or NC URSUS TC comes in versions featuring a centres height ranging from 250 to 300 mm and a centres distance from 1,500 to 3,000 mm.

URSUS TC lathes can deal with the best performances both for single pieces or prototypes’ processing, and small repetitive production lots.

These machines derive from the traditional lathes conception:

  • cast iron bed with prismatic guides, sliding on antifriction material and independent lubrication system 
  • spindle head with two velocity ranges automatically switchable
  • AC Brushless motors for axes and spindle.

Tool holding devices include:

  • automatic or manual tool change turret
  • 4 positions vertical rotation or 8 positions horizontal rotation turret.

Other custom features include:

  • steady or follow rest equipped with rolls or skids 
  • auto-centring spindle with automatic or hydraulic control
  • state-of-the-art NC features teach-in pre-set canned cycles for easy control over the machine functions with the possibility of ISO programming for experienced users.


Caratteristiche tecniche URSUS TC