NC teach-in lathes for an efficient, precise, and reliable turning

The most profitable propose for knead large parts

Teach-in or NC URSUS TCH flat-bed lathes are available in versions featuring a centres height ranging from 350 to 450 mm and a centres distance from 2000 to 5000 mm.

Each machine consists of:

  • traditional bench with prismatic guides in cast iron, generously sized
  • spindle head and two constant variable speed ranges
  • spindle brushless motor with high power

The spindle can equip manual centres’ or platforms up to 800 mm in diameter and hydraulic control equipment up to 500 mm in diameter and 180 mm of bar passage.

There are some optional equipment such as:

  • tailstock with rotating cusp on roller bearings
  • ‘’C’’ axis for turret with position for motorized utensil
  • ISO unit for square turret
  • ‘’Y’’ axis for not in the same axes processing

There is also the possibility of using the exclusive teach-in CMT capacity with the interest ISO programming functionality.

The product line of URSUS TCH, considered turning high dimension capacity of these machines up to 5000mm length and 900mm diameter, is particularly appropriate for turning roll, long shaft, stem and oil-hydraulic cilinders with an high requirement of precision.

URSUS TCH lathes are equipped with variusly control unit  of latest generation for guarantee maximum operativity flexibility and perfect integration with the final user’s machinery inventory