URSUS traditional lathes

Their essential technology represents the company's tradition

URSUS traditional flat-bed lathes line is synonymous with high performances, precision and reliability. It comprehends the machine’s range with centres height between 200 and 300 mm, and centres distance between 1,000 and 3,000 mm.

The rigid cast-iron bed structure features a wide notch and ensures the highest degree of accuracy and flexibility when it comes to medium-large pieces. These characteristics allow a wide set of applications ranging from mechanical factories’ tool departments to vocational training institutions.

URSUS line standard configuration includes:

  • a spindle head with a Cam-Lock fitting
  • mechanical 16-speed gearbox to facilitate rotation speed control
  • manually adjustable tailstock

The basic equipment is completed with shavings’ fixed rear safety guard and a mobile one on the spindle featuring an interlock and on the slide for a major safety for the operator. 

VS version with a CVT Brushless motor spindle and three-axis digital read-outs, algebraic adder and memories, represents the evolution of the traditional lathe. This model provides a major efficiency of use.